FOB Factory

- Find New Wisdoms through Old Things -

Established in 1995, FOB Factory has been an essential collection for men’s daily wear in Japan.

We proudly celebrate their first debut in the US.

FOB takes pride in creating truly refined garments with top quality custom fabrics and meticulous sewing techniques, offering superior fit and sleek looks on minimal classic styling. Simplicity is beauty in sync with FOB spirit.

FOB aimed at delivering not only the clothing, but also happiness and confidence to accentuate the quality lifestyle, one day at a time.

Believing good products have good stories!


- The Premier Manufacturer - Designed and Crafted in Japan –

Curly delivers the finest quality cut & sewn garments adding a touch of stylish and urban cool.

Starting as the best glove manufacturer in 1963, Curly has manifested its persistency on exquisiteness and quality along with their meticulous attention to the finest original fabrics, the highest production techniques, and strong construction.

Curly’s simple and tasteful collection is perfect for everyday wear with superior comfort and great looks!

Curly takes its name from the end of curled knit fabric in sewing.



Established in 1969, at on-site atelier in Kyoto, Freerage has been highlighting a range of special printed tees.

Taking elements from vintage inspiration, Freerage collection plays with funky ‘vintage look’ prints utilized by extraordinary meticulous drawing skills and elaborated processing techniques.

Their enthusiasm toward craftsmanship is unceasing and paramount to create impressive art works on their tees offering very special and unique looks that are eye-catching. They are not readily available elsewhere!!

Freerage believes everyone has the freedom of expression with his/her rage.


Kojima Genes


Kojima Genes is the respected premium denim brand with an established leading position in Japan, carrying on the legacy of quintessential jeans.

Shouldering generations of craftsmen spirits in Kojima, where premium Japanese denim originates, to create top quality jeans.

We proudly represent Kojima Genes in being the first stockiest in the US delivering the unpretentious, yet essential collection to denim lovers.

Good genes of craftsmen make good jeans, and never get tired to perfect and deliver exquisiteness!

Opt for your favorite today!